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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Recent Online Results (Nov 2014 - June 2015)

Been forever since I've posted a blog for many reasons but mostly a combination of my being super busy and just not having anything I think is exciting to write about. This blog post is going to be a quick summary of what I've been doing poker-wise along with my online results over the past year.

Last time I wrote, I was still playing mostly DoNs on Merge while mixing in MTTs in preparation for playing the main event in 2013.  Since then the SNG stakes on every US site but Bovada pretty much went to crap so I gravitated there.   I didn't track my daily results for a while because I was so used to them being captured automatically in HEM ( Hold 'Em Manager ).  I started tracking each session in detail last July so figured I'd post a yearly update.

I've been mostly working tons of hours with my day job ( IT exec ) combined by lots of family time at night and on the weekends.  Somehow, I've still found a way to slip in about 30-60 hours of online poker a month ( I don't sleep much).   My typical session consists of playing 4 $50 DoNs at a time while mixing in the 10pm $109 turbo MTT. I wish I could play more MTTs but they either last too long or aren't high enough for the opportunity cost. Every once in a while I will take a shot at the 9:15pm $55 MTT but if I do well it means I get only about 3 hours of sleep ( I'm up at 630am getting kids ready for school ).  So mostly I'm stuck playing the $50 turbo DoNs. 

I've definitely settled into the 6max DoNs and feel like I know most of the tricks and patterns to succeed.  i'm not sharing those.  I will share the software I use though. I use tabletamer for shortcut keys and Hold em indicator for tracking individual tables. Even with only 5 tables going I still miss a lot of the action so hold em indicator helps track the stats for me so I get a better feel for my opponents.  Bovada gets quite the mix so it's useful to know the basics of VPIP/PFR mostly.

Now my results...   I've included a picture of my excel spreadsheet for the summary.  Sadly, I actually had my first losing month ever online in March ( due to bad variance in the $109s ). I know we all say it but I'm running -$EV on my MTTs.  I've hit a good handful of final tables but seem to consistently lose my key flips at the end.   I've still only played about 100 MTTs so I expect my results will even out better over time.  I'll hit a $3-$4K first place that will jump me up by the next time I post ( hopefully!!!! ).

As you can see the DoNs are still my money maker at around $35 an hour ( including bonus points ). the MTTS currently only add about $7 per hour to that total. I am sure that part of my mediocre results in MTTs has to do with variance and part has to with my lack of focus  ( I focus my eye on the later round DoNs instead of the MTTs while playing ).  However, I enjoy playing them more and at least they are adding some $$ to my hourly. 

I missed out of the main event last year (went to Brazil for the World Cup) and this year ( heading to Ireland instead ).   Hoping to make a return next year, but might skip again to travel to Panama ( for a 30 year high school reunion ).  TBD on that...

Good luck on the felt everybody!!

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