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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Recent Online Results (Nov 2014 - June 2015)

Been forever since I've posted a blog for many reasons but mostly a combination of my being super busy and just not having anything I think is exciting to write about. This blog post is going to be a quick summary of what I've been doing poker-wise along with my online results over the past year.

Last time I wrote, I was still playing mostly DoNs on Merge while mixing in MTTs in preparation for playing the main event in 2013.  Since then the SNG stakes on every US site but Bovada pretty much went to crap so I gravitated there.   I didn't track my daily results for a while because I was so used to them being captured automatically in HEM ( Hold 'Em Manager ).  I started tracking each session in detail last July so figured I'd post a yearly update.

I've been mostly working tons of hours with my day job ( IT exec ) combined by lots of family time at night and on the weekends.  Somehow, I've still found a way to slip in about 30-60 hours of online poker a month ( I don't sleep much).   My typical session consists of playing 4 $50 DoNs at a time while mixing in the 10pm $109 turbo MTT. I wish I could play more MTTs but they either last too long or aren't high enough for the opportunity cost. Every once in a while I will take a shot at the 9:15pm $55 MTT but if I do well it means I get only about 3 hours of sleep ( I'm up at 630am getting kids ready for school ).  So mostly I'm stuck playing the $50 turbo DoNs. 

I've definitely settled into the 6max DoNs and feel like I know most of the tricks and patterns to succeed.  i'm not sharing those.  I will share the software I use though. I use tabletamer for shortcut keys and Hold em indicator for tracking individual tables. Even with only 5 tables going I still miss a lot of the action so hold em indicator helps track the stats for me so I get a better feel for my opponents.  Bovada gets quite the mix so it's useful to know the basics of VPIP/PFR mostly.

Now my results...   I've included a picture of my excel spreadsheet for the summary.  Sadly, I actually had my first losing month ever online in March ( due to bad variance in the $109s ). I know we all say it but I'm running -$EV on my MTTs.  I've hit a good handful of final tables but seem to consistently lose my key flips at the end.   I've still only played about 100 MTTs so I expect my results will even out better over time.  I'll hit a $3-$4K first place that will jump me up by the next time I post ( hopefully!!!! ).

As you can see the DoNs are still my money maker at around $35 an hour ( including bonus points ). the MTTS currently only add about $7 per hour to that total. I am sure that part of my mediocre results in MTTs has to do with variance and part has to with my lack of focus  ( I focus my eye on the later round DoNs instead of the MTTs while playing ).  However, I enjoy playing them more and at least they are adding some $$ to my hourly. 

I missed out of the main event last year (went to Brazil for the World Cup) and this year ( heading to Ireland instead ).   Hoping to make a return next year, but might skip again to travel to Panama ( for a 30 year high school reunion ).  TBD on that...

Good luck on the felt everybody!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pics from my 2013 WSOP Main Event Experience

Here are a bunch of the pics I took during my 2013 WSOP Main Event.    For those who want a more detailed play-by-play of my experience including many hands and strategy thoughts, check out my All Vegas Poker blog ->   http://www.allvegaspoker.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=9638&start=900#p247770

I sat next to Barry Greenstein all day (13 hours) on Day 1

I was one table over from Johnny Chan at the beginning of Day 3

I snuck in and partially photobombed Johnny in this ESPN clip


Phil Hellmuth and Jen Harman

Benton Blakeman

Broke Living JRB

Chuck, Scott and I

Doyle was a table over late on Day 3 (talon_chick in foreground)

Ike Haxton at beginning of Day 4

Right before my demise on Day 4, sitting next to Mad Marvin.

John, Jess, Patsy and I at the Mirage

Scott, John, Liezl, Jess, Patsy and I

Late on Day 3...

Moneypants John!!

Patsy with some random birthday boy at Ping Pang Pong

Top of the world.... Voodoo Lounge!

Scott Davies!!

Toolbox Doug Lee!

John and I

Patron Shots at Voodoo Lounge

I busted AhKh << JJ all in preflop for about a 40BB pot

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Finally Experienced some full length online MTTs

Oh yeah... I was supposed to post the good news. Well the good news is a little bit of a stretch

I got to play normal length online MTTs for a whole weekend. My wife had knee surgery so we shipped the kids out to keep them from getting in the way and being bored. Anyways since I had no kid duties I was easily able to take care of her while playing. The cool part is that Maximus was in full swing on merge so I got to play plenty of high buyin tourneys.

I did pretty well early on running deep In a lot of the lower buyins ($33-$109). Going into Sunday I was up over $1K. I gave a lot back though as I took a shot at the $525 and $215 main events and failed. I went down swinging short of the bubble though as I got caught in both events pulling a coupe semi-bluffs that ran into big hands and didn't draw out. I ended up winning about $500 or so overall for the weekend

The good news is I felt extremely comfortable playing at the highest stake MTTs. Normally I can't swing 6-7 hour sessions so I'm stuck playing turbo MTTs at best and they don't run higher than $60. Also the blinds escalate fast so there's only marginal wiggle room after the first hour.

I really felt that I was better than most of the field. Afterwards, I reviewed a bunch of key hands and felt good about them. I found a lot of good spots to 3bet and apply pressure and didn't get myself into trouble too much. Most of my reads seemed right too..

Unfort I didn't hit any big scores but i put myself in position late for it to occur. A couple more flips or suckouts here and there woulda helped but I had some good runs at the scattered $20-$40K first place prizes.

Bottom line is this: It was fun, I felt comfy and it was good practice for the upcoming wsop

With SNGs dying my next move will prob be to mix in more turbo MTTs. I doubt they will be as profitable since they do not run enough but ill still get to play the game I enjoy and make some $$ at the same time. Ill need to experiment with playing several sites at once (and hope my laptop doesn't crash in the process)

After the main event I prob will refocus my time to play SNGs on Bovada unless Merge corrects the mess they've made. Regardless I will follow the volume and/or money where it leads me

Sorry if the good news is anticlimactic. Gotta keep it positive somehow as US online poker dries up more and more

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Merge SNGs are dead :(

good and bad news poker-wise...

first, the bad news...

SNGs on Merge network are dead as of May 1st. For those who don't know, Merge Network is a combination of poker sites (skins) that share the same software and player base. Carbon and Aced are owned by Merge itself. Sportsbook, Players Only and some smaller skins are owned by Jazette. Carbon and Aced have better rakeback deals and thus are frequented more by regs/better players. The other skins have sports books which historically means fishier players who bet sports and then go play poker for fun (often to win their money back). Yes, I'm generalizing and some of this is my speculation as to the player base...

anyways, On May 1st, Jazette decided to segregate their player base from the other skins. my educated guess and some rumors say this is to keep their weaker player base from losing poker money to the better players on Aced/Carbon. Supposedly, each month the skins have to true-up with each other and pay the difference in winnings amongst players. So if the Jazette skins historically are owing money to Carbon/Aced then money is trickling off their site which could instead stay on the site and be spent on sportsbooks or generating more rake in existing poker games. That is my theory at least...

the net effect is the segregation of these players has killed the SNG volume. SNGs need players to take off. Before BCP and Lock split off Merge I used to be able to play $50 DoNs consistently with $100 DoNs occasionally running. After they left $50 DoNs would occasionally run but I could still get in about 15-20 minimum $20 DoNs at night while multitabling.

This had already started to trickle down in February when Merge lowered their rakeback deals causing some SNG regs (like myself ) to play other games or other sites. Now, this is the final straw. The player base has been segmented so now is hard to even get one let alone 20 $20 DoNs going. Even the $10 DoNs (which I almost never have to play) aren't running.

Basically, SNGs are dead on Merge until something changes.

Now the good news... <continued tomorrow night>

PS. MTTs are not segregated... just cash games and SNGs

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

WSOP Main Event Staking Package has been posted - get a piece while you can

I just finished posting my staking package on allvegaspoker.com

I decided to put it there first because I have a strong sense of loyalty to the site and wanted to give members a chance to buy a piece.   I will eventually move it to 2+2 if it doesn't sell out quickly enough.   I have a  good amount of work-related and non-poker friends who will probably buy action so I'm actually hoping I don't even need to move it to 2+2.  we'll see...

anyways, I am excited and feel like I'm well prepared to take a deep run in the tourney.

Here is a link to my staking package if interested...